Skin79 Rose Moisture Mask Review

 According to Skin79, the Rose Moisture Mask( $20 for 75ml) makes your skin feel “moisturized, relieved, and refreshed” while “evening out your skintone”. Does it deliver on these claims? Let’s take a look!
Skin 79 Rose Moisture Mask

 The Skin79 Rose Moisture Mask comes in a sturdy glass jar with a plastic top. The Mask itself is a cool, liquid jelly texture.  This mask smells, not surprisingly, pretty strongly of roses and even contains bits and pieces of actual rose petals. To use the Skin79 Rose Moisture Mask, spread a small amount on your face so that is evenly covered with a thin layer of gel. The mask feels very cooling and refreshing on my skin and I think the rose scent is beautiful, and while strong, not at all cloying or artificial- just light floral and romantic. Nice and relaxing.

Skin79 Rose Moisture Mask

After approximately 10 minutes, you are instructed to rinse the mask off. The jelly texture is surprisingly sticky and not at all slick or slippery so it actually took me quite a bit of effort to fully remove all traces of the Skin79 Rose Moisture Mask from my face.

Skin 79 Rose Moisture MaskSo did the Skin79 Rose Moisture Mask live up to its claims of “moisturizing, relieving, and refreshing” the skin while “evening out skintone”? Kind of. After removing the mask, my skin felt lightly moisturized and as I mentioned before, the jelly-like texture was quite refreshing, but as far as evening out skintone? Nothing.  I was expecting this mask to be deeply moisturizing, but the hydrating properties were pretty…meh. My skin felt the same way it feels after applying a very thin layer of a light facial lotion…minus any greasy residue.

Skin79 Rose Moisture Mask

Overall, the Skin79 Rose Moisture Mask was a ‘just okay’ product for me. It certainly didn’t harm my skin or cause me to break out, but it didn’t provide any significant moisturizing effect either. On a positive note, I really enjoyed the scent and texture and found the whole experience to be relaxing and pleasant.

The Skin79 Rose Moisture Mask is available for purchase at the following stores:

Have you ever tried any Skin79 skincare products? Let me know which ones I should try!

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  • Reply Claire July 26, 2015 at 6:33 pm

    Hm, good to know – I’ve been searching high and low for a good leave-on face mask preferably from a Korean brand, and still haven’t fallen in love with one! (Just tried the Laneige Water Mask and liked but didn’t love it)

  • Reply Newbee Marie June 14, 2014 at 11:28 am

    I’ve tried the Lemon Variety of this mask. It was okay. It helped my face brighten a bit, but I didn’t repurchase. I’m thinking of using the seaweed mask in the future. I think it’s the best among the three.

    Anyway, have you ever tried the Skin79 BB creams?

    They’re awesome!

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